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Huawei’s New Company: Trademark Applications, Strategic Partnerships, and Future Expansion

Jan 31, 2024

“Huawei” looks ahead Huawei’s new company has new developments. Tianyancha App shows that recently, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has applied to register multiple trademarks such as “引望” “引看” “引众” “INVISOL” “INNOWARD”, with international classifications including scientific instruments, transportation tools, etc. The current trademark status is waiting for substantive examination.

Huawei's New Company: Trademark Applications, Strategic Partnerships, and Future Expansion

It is worth mentioning that on January 16, Huawei established Shenzhen Yingwang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., with Zheng Liying as the legal representative, registered capital of 1 billion yuan, and registered address located at Huawei Shenzhen headquarters.

Huawei's New Company: Trademark Applications, Strategic Partnerships, and Future Expansion

The company’s business scope includes the manufacture of intelligent in-vehicle equipment, research and development of automotive parts, integration services for artificial intelligence industry applications, development of basic artificial intelligence software, development of artificial intelligence theory and algorithm software, manufacturing of communication equipment, data processing and storage support services, and information consulting services, all wholly owned by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. According to insiders, “Yinwang” is the new company established by Huawei’s Car BU, which will carry Huawei’s current technology and resources. It is currently fully owned by Huawei, but as more partners join, it will become a diversified technology open platform. However, a person related to Huawei’s Car BU stated that specific cooperation matters, such as whether the “Yinwang” logo will be reflected on the partner’s car in the future, have not yet been determined. Last year, Huawei planned to spin off its Car BU business and establish a new company. The new company will open its equity to existing strategic partner car companies and other car companies with strategic value. In November of that year, Huawei signed a “Memorandum of Investment Cooperation” with Changan Automobile. According to the memorandum, Huawei plans to integrate the core technology and resources of its intelligent car solution business into the new company, and Changan Automobile and its affiliates intend to invest in the company. At that time, the news indicated that Changan and its affiliates intended to invest in the target company’s equity, with a proportion not exceeding 40%, and the specific proportion, amount, and term of the investment would be further negotiated by both parties. Not long ago, at Changan Automobile’s 2024 Global Partner Conference, Changan Automobile Chairman Zhu Huarong emphasized that in the agreement between Huawei and Changan Automobile, “Huawei has committed not to engage in the whole vehicle business or the business inside the new company.” The establishment of the new company by Huawei is also highly regarded by the capital. According to Ping An Securities’ forecast, the new company has the potential to achieve annual revenue of 100 billion yuan and net profit of 10 billion yuan in the future. With the continuous actions of Huawei’s new company, the “Huawei Car Circle” is expected to expand. Currently, in addition to the cooperation with SaiLiSi for the Wanjie, and with Chery for the Zhijie, Huawei has also reached cooperation with BAIC Blue Valley and JAC, making a total of “Four Jies.”