• 13.04.2024


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Changan Motors Exceeds 300,000 January Sales, Aims for 2.8 Million in 2024

Feb 4, 2024

Changan Motors announced that retail sales in January exceeded 300,000 vehicles. Its three major new energy brands delivered a total of 34,679 vehicles in a single month.

Changan Motors Exceeds 300,000 January Sales, Aims for 2.8 Million in 2024

Changan Motors revealed that in 2023 the company’s sales exceeded 2.55 million units, with sales of new energy vehicles under its own brand exceeding 470,000 units, and overseas sales of its own brand exceeding 230,000 units. The company aims to reach a sales target of 2.8 million units in 2024. Among them, Changan Yulong sold 1.25 million units, Changan Qiyuan 250,000 units, Deep Blue Automobile 280,000 units, Avita 90,000 units, Changan Kaicheng 230,000 units, and overseas market 480,000 units.

Changan Motors Exceeds 300,000 January Sales, Aims for 2.8 Million in 2024

Changan Automobile revealed that the world’s first extended-range pickup, Changan Hunter, will begin delivery in the first quarter of this year for its 2024 product plan; in the second quarter, the rugged SUV G318 will be officially launched; in the third quarter, the second SUV E15 under the Avita brand, C857 under Shenzhen Blue, and G393 under Changan Kaicheng will make their official debut; in the fourth quarter, new cars CD701, Avita mid-size coupe E16, Changan Qiyuan C798, and Changan Mazda J90A will join the product lineup, achieving rapid mass production of intelligent electric vehicles. By 2028, Changan Automobile will launch more than 30 new energy products. Here are the January 2024 sales/delivery figures for major car companies: Geely Holdings sold 213,487 vehicles in January, a 110% increase, reaching a historic high. Chery Group’s independent brand sold 201,000 vehicles, a 107.5% increase. BYD sold 201,493 new energy vehicles in January, a 33.14% increase. GAC Toyota sold 71,875 vehicles in January, a 17.6% increase. Wuling sold 41,066 new energy vehicles in the first month of 2024, a 132.8% increase. Seres new energy vehicles sold 36,838 vehicles in January, a 654.10% increase. AITO delivered 32,973 new vehicles in January, a 34.76% increase. Ideal Cars delivered 31,165 vehicles in January, a 105.8% increase. Lynk & Co sold 28,176 vehicles in January, a 155% increase. Great Wall Motors sold nearly 25,000 new energy passenger vehicles in January, a 295.8% increase. GAC Aion sold 24,947 vehicles globally in January, with overseas sales surpassing 3,000 vehicles for the first time. Dongfeng Passenger Cars sold 22,777 vehicles in January, a 117% increase; the sales of new energy models under Dongfeng Passenger Cars exceeded 10,000 in the first month, a 207% increase. Geely Galaxy sold 19,223 vehicles in January. Deep Blue Cars delivered 17,042 vehicles in January. JiKe Cars delivered 12,537 vehicles in January, a 302% increase. Leapmotor delivered 12,277 vehicles in January 2024. NIO delivered 10,055 vehicles in January, an 18.2% increase, but a 44% decrease from the previous month. Neta delivered 10,032 vehicles in January, with 2,821 vehicles sold overseas. Xpeng delivered 8,250 new vehicles in January, a 58% increase. SAIC-GM delivered 7,295 new energy vehicles in January. Avita delivered 7,059 units in January, setting a new record. Lantu Cars delivered 7,041 vehicles in January, a 355% increase. Zhiqi Cars sold 5,305 units in January, with LS6 accounting for nearly 90%.