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    Bentley’s Customized Models Shine at 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Embracing Chinese Culture and Future of New Energy

    Apr 30, 2024

    Bentley's Customized Models Shine at 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Embracing Chinese Culture and Future of New Energy

    Bentley showcased a variety of customized models at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, including the one-of-a-kind Continental GT Convertible S from its personalized department MULLINER, the limited edition Bentley Batur model, the Bentley Flying Spur plug-in hybrid Yado Edition representing the brand’s future in new energy, and the popular ultra-luxurious SUV model Bentayga with an extended wheelbase MULLINER edition. Bentley’s luxury and sporty fusion at the show highlighted its exceptional customization capabilities, perfectly integrating Chinese culture into the vehicles. Bentley’s personalized customization in China is steadily growing. Sina Auto interviewed Bentley’s Executive General Manager for Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, as well as the Group General Manager of Volkswagen Sales Limited, An Ruike, about the freshness of Bentley’s products and the inspiration drawn from Chinese cultural design at the Beijing Auto Show.

    Bentley's Customized Models Shine at 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Embracing Chinese Culture and Future of New Energy

    An Ruike said Bentley has always been providing high-quality and unique services to customers. The three models introduced at this year’s Beijing Auto Show are inspired by Chinese culture by the MULLINER department. They are the “Ruyi” special edition, the “Jiangshan” special edition, and the “Li” special edition. The “Jiangshan” special edition: After multiple communications with the Chinese market, the MULLINER department deeply understood the meaning behind the two characters “Jiangshan” and integrated the landscape painting of “Jiangshan” into the vehicle’s design. The “Ruyi” special edition: Limited to 3 units, the design is inspired by the ancient Chinese object Ruyi often owned by nobles, symbolizing smooth sailing. The seat back is embroidered with a golden Ruyi pattern, and for the first time, the MULLINER department used seal script Chinese characters for the customized vehicle design, with the dynamic and powerful shape of the “Ruyi” seal script Chinese characters appearing on the body emblem, welcome pedal, and passenger side dashboard, showcasing the identity of the special edition model. The “Li” special edition: Limited to 8 units, inspired by the auspicious and prosperous koi fish in Chinese culture. The luxurious cabin interior incorporates 6 koi fish patterns, with various dynamic koi fish distributed on the seat back and inner door threshold panels, swimming in a clockwise direction, surrounding the driver and passengers to share a luxurious journey. Regarding this series of customizations, An Ruike stated that communication on customization details applied Bentley’s headquarters design software, sharing screens through phone or video conferences to show clients and dealers the simulated design results, then further communicate adjustments to design details, resulting in achievements. Regarding the collision of Bentley cars with different cultural fields, bringing personalized custom models, An Ruike expressed that Bentley has been seeking collaborations with high-end brands, such as the limited edition whisky The Macallan Horizon designed in collaboration with McLaren, using a unique 180-degree twisted bottle, drawing inspiration from horizontal design curves in the automotive industry, blending exceptional single malt whisky with extraordinary automotive design essence. In addition, there are products created in collaboration with Bentley Home; luxury Bentley exclusive writing tools created in collaboration with writing tool brand Montblanc; limited edition Diavel V4 motorcycles created in collaboration with Ducati motorcycle brand in partnership with Volkswagen Group. Regarding personalized customization demands, An Ruike revealed that currently, approximately 30% of customers in the Chinese market choose MULLINER personalized customization services, and even in the backdrop of a global economic slowdown, the growth trend remains very positive. Bentley does not pursue sales/market share targets In an interview with Anke Rehkopf, the issue of sales in China in 2023 was inevitably mentioned. Public data shows that Bentley’s sales in the Chinese market were 3,006 units, an 18% decrease compared to the previous year. Sales in Europe and other Asia-Pacific markets also experienced varying degrees of decline, with only India and Africa seeing a slight increase in sales year-on-year.

    Bentley's Customized Models Shine at 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Embracing Chinese Culture and Future of New Energy

    Bentley to Focus on Market Demand for Production Adjustment Bentley will introduce plug-in hybrid versions for all models by 2024 and plans to launch its first all-electric model in 2026 as part of its “Beyond100” strategy. Bentley’s vehicles will maintain their essence while incorporating electrification and intelligent features. The limited edition Bentley Batur showcased at the Beijing Auto Show previews the brand’s future design direction. Bentley is gradually transitioning from Level 1 to Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities, with features such as adaptive cruise control and lane assist already in place. The company is prepared for the fast-paced competition and technological advancements in the Chinese market, expressing confidence in achieving a fully electric future. Bentley will continue to innovate and pioneer the electrification process according to plan.