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Weirui’s 800V Electric Drive & Battery System Revolutionizes Vehicle Performance

Jan 25, 2024

Electric drive and battery self-research and production, Weirui opens up the “Ren Du Second Pulse” of the whole vehicle 800V In recent years, in order to solve the problems of slow charging and short range of electric vehicles, more and more car companies are competing to launch 800V high-voltage platform models. This is because compared to the 400V charging voltage, the 800V high-voltage system can increase the charging power and driving power, thereby improving the overall vehicle performance, alleviating range anxiety, and also reducing the weight and cost of the entire vehicle wiring harness and other components. It should be pointed out that the 800V high-voltage system involves a series of technology, device replacements and optimizations. From the current technological path, it mainly includes three aspects: first, 800V high-voltage fast charging, mainly from the perspective of power battery charging and discharging, can achieve fast charging; second, key parts adopt 800V high-voltage, such as the electric drive system adopts 800V high-voltage, while the electric air conditioning, inverter, etc. still use 400V voltage; third, the whole vehicle 800V high-voltage, that is, electric drive, electronic control, battery, etc. all support 800V high-voltage operation. It can be seen that in order to fully meet the needs of fast charging, sufficient power, low consumption, and long range, the whole vehicle 800V is the best solution, but this solution also puts forward more requirements for new energy vehicles, especially the core three-electric system. Currently, considering cost and technological difficulty, most car companies adopt the 800V high-voltage fast charging solution to alleviate consumers’ most concerned issue of charging efficiency.

Weirui's 800V Electric Drive & Battery System Revolutionizes Vehicle Performance

However, how to help the whole vehicle achieve the 800V full domain? This is still a direction that the entire new energy vehicle industry chain is working hard to explore. It is worth noting that the Weirui gold power system, which will be officially put into production at the end of 2023, has brought more solutions to the core three electric components under the full domain 800V architecture of new energy vehicles. The global mass-produced four-motor distributed electric drive with the highest power and torque density. Take the new energy vehicle electric drive system as an example, its role is equivalent to the “engine, ECU electronic control unit, gearbox” in a fuel vehicle, which has a significant impact on the core indicators of the vehicle such as power, economy, comfort, and safety. And under the 800V high-voltage system of the whole vehicle, the high integration, high voltage, and high power density of the electric drive system technology have become increasingly critical.

Weirui's 800V Electric Drive & Battery System Revolutionizes Vehicle Performance

The 800V high-performance SiC four-motor drive system produced by Weirui is based on its self-developed 800V high-voltage platform. It consists of a front double 2*155kW dual-motor system and a rear double 2*310kW dual-motor drive system. It is currently the highest power and torque density four-motor distributed electric drive system in the world, with a maximum motor power of up to 930kW and a maximum torque of 1280N·m. This system is currently installed on the Pika 001 FR, helping it achieve a zero to one hundred acceleration of 2.02 seconds, a top speed of 280km/h, and the ability to turn like a tank without being picky about the road surface. Behind the powerful performance of Weirui’s 800V integrated electric drive system technology is its technical innovation in motors, reducers, and electronic controls, as well as breakthroughs in system integration. In terms of motor product technology, the Weirui 800V integrated electric drive system uses optimized direct oil cooling technology for fixed rotor, flat wire winding iteration technology, and high reluctance torque technology. The motor’s effective specific power reaches 7.85kW/kg, the motor’s highest efficiency reaches 97.8%, and the torque density reaches 12N·m/kg. In terms of reducer product technology, Weirui has innovatively developed the industry-leading dual-link planetary gear reducer technology for integrated lubrication and cooling of the motor and reducer. It has optimized the gear ratio on both sides of the reducer to achieve parameter design with different gear orders at the same speed ratio. In terms of electronic control product technology, Weirui’s dual electronic control technology supports the control strategy of the whole vehicle’s three-motor and four-motor assembly platform; ZTCS supports the whole vehicle to achieve distributed drive and torque vector control, ensuring the vehicle’s steering force, stability, and power In system integration technology, the Weirui front dual-drive assembly adopts a parallel arrangement of dual-motor distributed drive scheme, achieving deep integration of motor, reducer, and controller Through technological innovation in dimensions such as motor, reducer, and electronic control, as well as highly integrated systems, Weirui’s 800V electric drive system achieves higher performance with smaller volume, reflected in data, its rear dual-motor drive system total success rate density is 4.4kW/kg Fu Yanru, director of Weirui’s electric drive product, and chief engineer of the electric drive system platform, said that in the R&D of the electric drive system, Weirui has always been guided by user needs, insisting on self-research in the whole field, from the launch of the first split controller in 2019, to the offline of the first-generation 400V assembly 200kW electric drive system in 2021, to the latest launch of the second-generation 800V assembly distributed drive system, Weirui continuously provides new achievements to the market, making a strong contribution to better promote the transformation of vehicle electrification An 800V ultra-fast charging lithium iron phosphate battery with performance, cost, and safety If the electric drive is the high configuration option under the whole vehicle’s 800V high-voltage platform, then the battery is the unavoidable obstacle for the 800V high-voltage vehicle model. In most businesses, the 800V high-voltage fast charging solution requires both the construction of ultra-fast charging facilities and the matching of high-charging-rate batteries on the vehicle side to achieve a greater than 1+1 effect.

Weirui's 800V Electric Drive & Battery System Revolutionizes Vehicle Performance

Weir’s 800V ultra-fast charging battery, which took three years to develop and put into production, is a self-developed and self-produced full-stack battery from the core to the battery pack, and is currently the highest volume utilization, fastest mass production charging speed, and safest lithium iron phosphate battery in the world. It has now been first launched on the Geely 007. Despite new energy vehicles achieving a range of thousands of miles, the long charging time still prevents many users from truly relieving range anxiety. Taking ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries as an example, the charging time still needs to be over 30 minutes in the 30%-80% fast charging range. As an important participant in the development of the 800V battery matched with the V2/3 charging station of the Geely Group’s pure electric exclusive architecture – SEA Haohan architecture three-electric system, the highest charging power can reach 500kW, and the highest actual charging rate can reach 4.5C. The 15-minute fast charge can increase the range by more than 500km, even in a low-temperature environment of minus 10℃, it can still maintain excellent charging speed, and its charging speed is at least one quarter higher than that of similar products. The 800V battery not only charges quickly, but also discharges faster. Its 3-second pulse discharge rate can reach up to 16C, meeting the power demand of high-performance pure electric vehicle models and providing huge instantaneous energy for high-performance vehicle models. The 0-100km/h acceleration can easily enter the 3-second level, and the mid-to-late stage acceleration performance does not decay. Even under low power conditions, the power performance hardly decays. Although lithium iron phosphate batteries have high stability, it is an objective fact in the industry that compared with ternary lithium batteries, they have low energy density, slow charging speed, and poor performance. The Weir 800V battery uses an efficient integrated design, significantly optimizing the internal structure of the battery, reducing the number of core components by 35%, and achieving a maximum volume utilization rate of 83.7%, making it the world’s highest volume utilization rate power battery. Due to the significant reduction in structural components, the mass energy density of the Weir 800V battery pack is 10% higher than that of traditional battery packs. The Weir 800V battery’s supercharging and discharging performance is inseparable from its independent breakthrough in core technology. In terms of innovative cell structure, it adopts a stacked multi-pole ear structure design. Under ultra-fast charging conditions, heat distribution is more uniform and temperature control is more efficient. At the same time, it uses a dual-rivet pole guide design, which increases the overcurrent capacity by 100% compared to the single-pole pole scheme. In addition to structural innovation, it uses the “lithium ion full-acceleration technology” to introduce innovative materials in the positive and negative poles, improving the overall efficiency of lithium ion release, transmission, and reception, achieving stable and efficient charging performance under high voltage and high current. It is worth noting that the high-voltage platform will inevitably pose more challenges to battery safety. Therefore, Weir has implemented 8 major hot safety protection technologies for battery safety, including “prevention,” “isolation,” “absorption,” “discharge,” “cut-off,” “warning,” “cooling,” and “cloud,” while also ensuring battery safety through industry-first 240-second external fire tests, overvoltage needle puncture tests, 6 extreme condition series tests, and 3 major limit safety tests. The realization of the “future factory” for the full-domain independent research and development and production of the three-electric “future factory” requires three parts of products and seven parts of physical objects. Strong product performance also requires reliable production and manufacturing processes to achieve mass production. The Weir 800V gold power system was born in the Quzhou Jiadian Intelligent Manufacturing Factory. The factory uses 5G+ industrial Internet as the carrier, deeply integrates advanced technologies such as big data AI visual inspection, and is the world’s largest comprehensive factory for intelligent manufacturing of power and energy storage systems. It is also the first pilot enterprise of the “future factory” for power and energy storage systems in Zhejiang Province.

Weirui's 800V Electric Drive & Battery System Revolutionizes Vehicle Performance

The linkage between process innovation and intelligent manufacturing is a key driver for Quzhou Jiadian’s smart manufacturing factory to create the industry’s most stringent quality standards. For the electric drive factory, it uses advanced electric heating and automatic dripping paint technology to achieve precise control of the amount and angle of insulating material paint, successfully solving the industry’s difficult problem of incomplete paint dripping, with a filling rate of ≥99% in the paint tank, higher than the industry average. It also uses top global welding technology, leading in precision, and excels in product quality control, with the motor insulation system voltage withstand test exceeding the industry average by 14%. NVH noise testing simulates actual road conditions for accurate testing, leaving no room for error. In the battery factory, each production line is equipped with over 5000 quality control points and 750+ CCD intelligent inspection cameras for 360° monitoring, identifying risks and warnings in real time. It has pioneered the “dual pump coupling technology” and “dual light control monitoring feedback system” for real-time error correction and closed-loop operation. It has also overcome the industry challenge of cumulative thickness error in the battery stacking process, ensuring consistent battery expansion and increasing the lifespan of the Wey800V battery by 10%. The battery factory also uses a medical-grade air purification system, creating a dust-free environment. The water content of a single battery is less than two parts per million, nearly “0 moisture” to improve battery quality. The battery factory’s production lines are equipped with over 2000 sensors and 54 sets of 8K CCD industrial cameras for real-time monitoring and correction throughout the entire process. It also undergoes over 120 rigorous tests to ensure 100% delivery of high-quality batteries. Additionally, 100% of the batteries are equipped with intelligent monitoring sensors for thermal runaway, making it a standard feature in the industry, allowing for full lifecycle monitoring and warning from production to vehicle use. Since its establishment in 2013, Weir has always adhered to independent research and development in the field of power batteries, with comprehensive capabilities in R&D and manufacturing in all areas such as battery cells, power battery packs, and electric drive systems. On December 14, 2023, the Weir 800V gold power system was officially launched at the Quzhou Jiadian Smart Manufacturing Plant, representing the highest level in the current new energy power battery field, whether it is electric drive, battery, or battery cell. After the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles approaches nearly ten million units, the long charging time issue will also be magnified. A race between “charging” and “fueling” will become increasingly intense, and an era of the 800V high-voltage platform will undoubtedly come forward in great strides. According to Dongwu Securities’ forecast, the penetration rate of 800V fast-charging models for domestic passenger cars is expected to increase to about 7% in 2024, with major sales contributions from Jike, Wenjie, Avita, Zhijie, Xiaopeng, and Li Xiang. In 2025, the penetration rate of domestic passenger cars is expected to further increase to 10%. In this competitive market, Weir has taken the lead with its mastery of 800V core three-electric technology.