• 14.04.2024


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2024 Warm Homecoming Road: High German’s Safe and Convenient Spring Festival Travel Plan

Jan 31, 2024

High German map announced today the official launch of the “Warm Homecoming Road” service plan for 2024, creating a safe, convenient, and warm spring festival for users. The “2024 Warm Homecoming Road” includes the “world’s first new energy navigation with self-learning ability,” which can comprehensively calculate the power consumption of multi-dimensional dynamic factors such as route slope, temperature, air conditioning, traffic conditions, and vehicle type, and combine it with the new “charging map 2.0” upgraded by High German to provide real-time refined travel routes, charging time planning, and minute-level waiting time estimation.

2024 Warm Homecoming Road: High German's Safe and Convenient Spring Festival Travel Plan

For users who choose public transportation, Gaode provides a “door-to-door” intercity bus service that includes various modes of transportation such as buses, subways, trains, airplanes, walking, and taxi rides. It not only offers intelligent route recommendations and one-click ticket purchases based on factors such as duration, cost, transfer conditions, and walking distance, but also takes into account details such as transfer distance and duration within the station and suggested departure time.

2024 Warm Homecoming Road: High German's Safe and Convenient Spring Festival Travel Plan

The “2024 Warm Homecoming Road” service plan has also upgraded the blind spot meeting warning service, which is a high-risk section of the road in mountainous bends and unlit intersections. Based on the national independent intellectual property of Beidou, the time and space infrastructure, it achieves warning prompts for blind spot oncoming vehicles, significantly reducing the risk factor.

2024 Warm Homecoming Road: High German's Safe and Convenient Spring Festival Travel Plan

Gaode Map, in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport’s Road Network Monitoring and Emergency Response Center, has released the “2024 Spring Festival Travel Forecast Report,” predicting that the national peak travel on highways will be on February 3 before the Spring Festival, and the return peak will be on the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, February 17; the highways in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions will be the busiest during this year’s Spring Festival travel period. Gaode Taxi has also partnered with the China Taxi and Car Rental Association, the Beijing Taxi and Car Rental Association, Dazhong Taxi, Guotai Taxi, and more than 200 taxi associations and taxi-hailing platforms in cities nationwide, to encourage drivers to be on duty during the Spring Festival travel period through various forms such as waiving commissions and station subsidies.