• 14.04.2024


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Changan Automobile Investor Relations: 2024 Sales Targets and Product Plans Revealed

Feb 3, 2024

Changan Automobile announced its investor relations activity record today, disclosing the company’s development over the past year and future product plans. The company revealed that in 2023, sales will exceed 2.55 million units, with new energy sales of over 470,000 units and overseas sales of over 230,000 units for its independent brands. In 2024, the company aims to reach a sales target of 2.8 million units, with Changan Eado selling 1.25 million units, Changan Qiyun selling 250,000 units, Changan Bluecar selling 280,000 units, Avita selling 90,000 units, Changan Kaicheng selling 230,000 units, and overseas markets selling 480,000 units.

Changan Automobile Investor Relations: 2024 Sales Targets and Product Plans Revealed

For the 2024 product plan, Changan Automobile revealed that the world’s first extended-range pickup, the Changan Hunter, will begin delivery in the first quarter of this year; in the second quarter, the rugged SUV G318 will be officially launched; in the third quarter, Avita’s second SUV E15, Deep Blue C857, and Changan Kaicheng G393 will be officially unveiled; in the fourth quarter, new cars CD701, Avita mid-size coupe E16, Changan Qiyuan C798, and Changan Mazda J90A will join the product lineup, achieving rapid production of intelligent electric vehicles. By 2028, Changan Automobile will launch more than 30 new energy products in total. Overseas, in 2024, Changan Automobile will introduce more than 7 new energy products such as Avita 11, Lumin, and CD701 to the Southeast Asian market, and complete the construction of more than 530 channel touchpoints; in the European market, more than 5 new energy products such as Avita 11, Deep Blue S7, and C327 will be introduced successively; and accelerate entry into blank markets such as Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, and Israel.

Changan Automobile Investor Relations: 2024 Sales Targets and Product Plans Revealed

Changan Automobile and Huawei signed an “Investment Cooperation Memorandum” in Shenzhen in 2023. Changan Automobile stated that the cooperation is progressing smoothly as planned. According to the memorandum, Huawei intends to integrate core technology and resources of its intelligent car solution business into a new company. Changan Automobile and its affiliates are interested in investing in the company and will jointly support its future development with Huawei. The new company aims to become a world-class leader in the intelligent driving system and component industry.